About Us

CodeVA partners with schools, families, and communities to bring equitable computer science education opportunities to all of Virginia’s students.


        Based in Richmond, VA, our efforts to work with students, teachers, school districts, parents and policymakers assumes a statewide footprint. CodeVA was founded with the principle that anyone can code, and that every Virginia child has a fundamental right to computer science literacy. Since 2013, CodeVA has taken great strides, as the first affiliate partner of national computer science education nonprofit Code.org, in making computer science a priority for Virginia.



Our Impact

        CodeVA has drafted and advocated for all of the state-level policy initiatives around CS and cybersecurity education, including Virginia’s 2016 computer science mandate legislation requiring K-8 computer science literacy for all students through standards integrated across all other subject areas. CodeVA led the project team of educators writing these new standards for the state, and in doing so added a fifth strand specifically devoted to cybersecurity.
        In addition to its Code.org partnership, CodeVA is a member of and collaborating partner to CSforALL, a member of the Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP) Alliance, a pilot program provider for Google CS First, and a funded program partner of Amazon Future Engineer. CodeVA seeks to help build a strong, vibrant 21st century Virginia workforce by providing access to computer science education for every child. Anyone can code. Everyone should.

Explore the Digital Dominion

        Much of Virginia’s history is tied to pioneering human advancement. Our future will also be driven by even greater advances by Virginians in this field. CodeVA works hand in hand with CS for VA to make advances in computer science education possible. The Digital Dominion map is part of a partnership between CodeVA and Virginia Tourism Corporation highlighting tech tourism around the state to bring people of all ages in touch with computer science already right here in VA. Add your name to the map here!

Donate to CodeVA

Your donations help us organize teacher trainings, summer camps and after-school classes, and push computer science literacy to Virginia. We’re so grateful for your help!