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HB 1054

High school diploma course and credit requirements; computer science. Requires the Board of Education to consider all computer science course credits earned by students to be science course credits, mathematics course credits, or career and technical education credits in establishing course and credit requirements for a high school diploma and requires the Board to develop guidelines addressing how computer science courses can satisfy graduation requirements.

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HB 831

Standards and programs of instruction; computer science and computational thinking. Requires the Standards of Learning established by the Board of Education and the program of instruction for grades kindergarten through 12 developed and implemented by each local school board to include computer science and computational thinking, including computer coding.

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SB 1493

Northern Virginia Community College; computer science training and professional development for teachers. Requires Northern Virginia Community College (i) in consultation with the Department of Education, to contract with a partner organization to develop, market, and implement high-quality and effective computer science training and professional development activities for public school teachers throughout the Commonwealth for the purpose of improving the computer science literacy of all public school students in the Commonwealth and (ii) to establish an advisory committee for the purpose of advising the college and its partner organization on the development, marketing, and implementation of such training and professional development activities. This bill is identical to HB 1663.

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