Student Programs

Eureka Workshop is the student programming arm of our organization. It aids CodeVA’s mission in getting students (and their parents) excited about computational thinking and the theories behind Computer Science.

Our direct student programs, both summer camps and after-school, engage students in learning computer science and also provide a lab for teachers to test out new lesson ideas and teaching strategies. All of Eureka Workshop’s courses are arts-integrated. We believe that creative problem solving is the foundation of most Computer Science concepts and methods of computational thinking. By using art projects to introduce these concepts, we break down any preconceptions about coding or programming while fostering creative thinking.


2018 Summer Camp by the Numbers

What’s your favorite part about summer camp?

My favorite part about CodeVA summer camps is that they teach me computer programming skills and they’re not too easy or hard and they’re really fun!

– Aidan Vick

Did you know...

That CodeVA provides free professional development workshops for all teachers who want to incorporate computer science concepts into their curriculum?

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