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Class Registration

Online Offerings:

Registration opens on a rolling basis. Please sign up for our emails above to learn of new listings.

In-Person Offerings:

Class registration for after-school classes, camps, and workshops, closes the Friday before a class begins. If you miss that deadline, contact [email protected] to see if space and materials are available. We must have a minimum of 3 to 5 students (depending on the class structure) to run a class. If we do not have the minimum number of students enrolled two weeks before the session, families will be notified that there is low enrollment. If we have not met the minimum enrollment one week before class begins, the class will be canceled. Families will receive a full refund. Class schedules are based on local public school calendars.

Class Pricing

Online Offerings:

Eureka Workshop’s online classes & workshops range from $12 to $360. The rate which we establish for programming is dependent on the instruction time and materials needed. If you are interested in a class, but the cost is prohibitive, please email [email protected] for information on financial assistance.

In-Person Offerings:

Prices start at $180 for a 15-hour class. Depending on the materials required for the class, there may be an additional fee. Financial aid questions should be directed to [email protected]. Add on services are available for Summer Sessions. Add on services are available at the time of registration.

Cancellation Policy

If any class needs to be canceled by CodeVA, families will be refunded in full to the original source of payment. Families can withdraw from or transfer a class registration if necessary. For cancellations with a refund, CodeVA will charge $20 to cover administrative fees.

In the case of inclement weather, we follow the local schools. When Richmond City schools are closed, CodeVA is closed. All non-weather-related closures will be posted on CodeVA’s social media outlets. If you are registered in a class that is impacted by closure, you will receive a notification via email.

Are computers provided?

Online Offerings:

We do not provide computers or tablets for our online classes or workshops.

In-Person Offerings:

Yes, we provide computers. If a student is more comfortable on a personal device, please discuss it with the instructor before sending a personal computer with your student.

How do I access an Online Class?

You will receive an email with a link and helpful tips from the instructor a week before class. If you register within the week before class, the instructor will be in touch before the class begins. Please note that some online classes require adults to participate in a Tech Check-In with their students. This Check-in may not meet at the regular class time.

Where do I park?

Good question! On the first day of any week long camps, weekly after-school programs, and any single day workshops, we ask that you park and walk your child into our front office area so we can say hello. Free hourly street parking is available on E. Broad St, 2nd St, E. Marshall St, & E. Clay St.
For Summer Camps: After drop off on the first day, we will have two camp counselors stationed on 3rd Street to walk your child into camp.
Pick up will also be handled on 3rd St. at the side of our building. Please do not drop your child off on E. Broad St.
If you would like to park and walk with your child each day of camp, that would be great! We want parents and children to be comfortable in our space. We have space to sit in our front office area and WiFi if you’d like to stay in the building during programming. Urban Hang Suite Social Cafe is open next door and there is also Gather across the street.
Just before camp begins, you will receive an email with parking and carpool instructions.

Do parents need to stay?

You are welcome to drop students off and return at the end of class. If you decide to stay, we have a limited seating area and free Wi-Fi. Many of our parents use class time to visit some of the great local restaurants. Just next door to us is Urban Hang Suite and there is also Gather across the street.

Do students need to know how to code?

Knowledge of coding languages is not necessary or expected before taking most classes with Eureka Workshops. Since we have students of all experience levels, our programs allow each child to try out new tasks and succeed without being overwhelmed or bored. We have a high ratio of instructors to students. All students receive one-on-one instruction as they are learning. While students are learning computer science concepts, they are challenged by hands-on activities designed to support the coding techniques we cover.

What programming language do students use?

Most students start with Scratch; a language developed at MIT to teach the fundamentals of programming. For older and more advanced students, we may also cover some text-based languages for specific projects, such as Python and HTML. We aim to use the most appropriate platform for the student’s age and level of understanding.

Have a question?

Call or shoot us an email if you have any questions! We’re more than happy to answer any question.

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