CodeVA Research and Evaluation develops, validates, and improves resources and training while scaling equitable computer science education across Virginia. In collaboration with CodeVA educators, CodeVA’s researchers turn research into action.

Core Values

Community Building

CodeVA supports divisions, schools, teachers, students and community stakeholders with research-backed resources to help Virginia remain at the forefront of computer science education.

Scaling to Serve

With a goal to reach 10,000 Virginia educators annually, CodeVA prioritizes evaluating the impact and effectiveness of CodeVA’s current professional development programs.

Diversity and Equity

CodeVA aims to help educators develop their computer science content knowledge and cultural competency so they may provide effective and meaningful computer science learning opportunities to all students, especially those who are underrepresented in the field of computer science.

Knowledge Generation

CodeVA values the exchange of ideas and resources with education professionals. Educators who participate in CodeVA professional development provide feedback about changes in computer science self-efficacy, knowledge, teaching practices, and perceptions about student engagement and learning.

Session Quality

The Educator Engagement faculty is made up of a diverse set of 50 expert classroom teachers from every grade level and region of Virginia. Our faculty undergo annual training and understand the challenges unique to Virginia educators, students and their families. CodeVA training sessions undergo a continuous improvement process by evaluating participant experience. In addition to summer training, CodeVA schedules workshops throughout the school year to best support educator needs.

Research Plan:

CodeVA aligns all research participation with projects that support our core values. CodeVA has partnered with several Virginia universities and national organizations to advance research into computer science educator professional development. CodeVA has led several computer science education research projects focused on improving practice and engaging practitioners including two National Science Foundation projects.

View a complete list of our active research projects here!

Research Priorities:

When identifying which research projects to engage, CodeVA centers projects that explore the intersection of these research lenses and our current project area priorities.

We research computer science education through the following lenses:

  • Outreach and community.
  • Curriculum design & implementation.
  • Learning sessions.

Our current project areas include:

  • Broadening participation.
  • Increasing CS Self-Efficacy.
  • Developing CS Identity.
  • Supporting cultural relevance in instruction.
  • Maximizing skill and knowledge acquisition.
  • Supporting participants as learners or instructors.

Work With Us:

CodeVA partners with outside agencies on projects that align with our Research Priorities. If you’re interested in working with CodeVA’s Research team, please complete the Research Request Form here.

Sample Services Provided:

  • Advocacy
  • Curriculum Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Evaluation Development
  • Grant Writing and Initial Proposal Support
  • Outreach and Recruitment
  • Professional Development
  • Project Branding
  • Publication

Questions or comments can be directed to [email protected].