Educators FAQ

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Is the training really free?

Yes, all the trainings are free for public school teachers. However, CodeVA cannot cover the costs of travel and living expenses. Educators from outside of Virginia or not employed by a public school do have to pay a fee to attend, learn more here.

I’ve never coded before, is there any experience required?

No coding experience is perfectly fine! Our programs are designed to  support both novices and experienced computer science teachers. Also, computer science is not just coding. The sessions will cover coding, but you’ll also learn the fundamentals of what computer science is such as algorithms, binary, and much more!

I already know how to code, Why do I need this training?

Computer science is more than just coding. It’s about breaking down problems and finding the best solutions to solve those problems. During these workshops, we’ll show you the best methods to teach your students this complex, but rewarding topic. The sessions also include free curriculum and resources.

Can I use a Tablet?

No, the programming environments used require the use of a laptop or Chromebook.

How can I add on a Computer Science Endorsement?

There are two routes to the add on endorsement – a Praxis exam or college coursework.

Any Questions?

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