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What does Computer Science (CS) Ready School mean?

CS Ready Schools strategically prepare their school, staff, and students for school-wide implementation of Computer Science, building a dynamic support ecosystem of professional learning, faculty and administration buy-in, community connections, and a stakeholder approach to make sure educators have what they need to integrate computer science into their existing curriculum to ensure ALL students are computer science ready!

With the VDOE computer science SOLs in effect and VA helping to lead the way in computer science education and jobs, CodeVA is a state funded nonprofit whose mission is for all Virginia students to be computer science ready.  Through this partnership with Amazon Future Engineer, there will be access to training to over 12,000 teachers!

What should you expect? 

Each school will create an Impact Team composed of 5-8 people. This may include, but not limited to: administration, counselors, faculty, community partners, and or parents. The role and commitment of the Impact Team is to begin formulating your school’s strategic plan to become a CS Ready School and oversee its implementation. Schools will participate in sessions that highlight key theme areas for strategic planning.

Access to statewide resources for implementing computer science in K12
  • Curriculum and Professional Learning

  • Resources and grant support

  • Network of participating schools to share best practices

  • Access to Amazon opportunities for CS in K12

What is your commitment?

  • Attend the mandatory CS Ready Schools Intro Webinar on August 19th at 3:45pm. RSVP HERE by COB 8/18.

  • Complete this application by September 9th:

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be distributed upon acceptance of application to be completed by your principal or division leader

  • Monthly Sessions for Impact Team strategic planning

  • Year 1
    • CodeVA will assist you in creating a Strategic Plan by the end of year 1

    • 2 teachers or 1 teacher per grade level will attend CodeVA’s Coaches Academy to be able to conduct professional development at your school MS/HS Counselors and administrators will attend MS/HS Counselor training through CodeVA

    • Science teachers will attend CodeVA’s Project GUTS professional learning course

  • Year 2


    • CodeVA will support you in implementing and assessing your Strategic plan

    • Professional development schedule for teachers (ES, MS, HS)

    • MS/HS counselors and administrators will attend MS/HS Counselor training

    • Computer Science electives are available in MS/HS

  • Year 3


    • Update strategic plan as needed

    • Professional development schedule for teachers (ES, MS, HS)

    • Full integration of computer science into all curriculum (ES)

    • Computer science courses/clubs available


Read more about how Amazon Future Engineer partners with and supports CodeVA by checking the PR release about our partnership in our past blog post.