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What is CS Ready?

CodeVA and Amazon Future Engineer are collaborating to make Virginia schools CS Ready! In 2017, CodeVA worked with the General Assembly to pass legislation mandating the implementation of the computer science SOLs. The CS Ready program is intended to strategically prepare schools for school wide implementation of computer science education. Through this partnership with Amazon Future Engineer, professional learning will be available for over 12,000 teachers across Virginia.

Through the multi-stage CS Ready program, CodeVA’s specialists guide Virginia schools in creating school-based Impact Teams, developing personalized CS Roadmaps, and establishing strong foundations for school-wide computer science education and culture. Participating schools use CodeVA’s free professional learning, curriculum, and resources to develop and implement their CS Roadmaps, measuring progress and adjusting their paths along the way to provide high-quality CS instruction to all students in their learning community.

Our CS Ready program focuses on five domains to help schools become CS Ready:

  • developing computer science proficient teachers and leaders,
  • creating a school culture that values computer science education as a basic literacy,
  • implementing equitable computer science, rich academic learning, and extracurricular opportunities,
  • providing supportive resources, and
  • engaging the community to support these efforts

Who should apply?

CS Ready is open to public schools in Virginia who are designated as receiving Title I funding.

What should you expect?

Participating schools will…

  • Create an Impact Team composed of at least one administrator and two educators to begin. We recommend that one of the educators is the ITRT/ILC (or comparable role). This may also include, but not limited to: administration, counselors, faculty, community partners, and or parents. The role and commitment of the Impact Team is to formulate the school’s strategic plan and oversee its implementation. Please note that you have the principal’s consent to begin.
  • Submit a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) upon acceptance to be completed by the school’s principal or division leader.
  • Attend sessions with CodeVA (Impact Teams only)
  • Develop and implement a personalized CS Roadmap
  • Have access to statewide resources and professional learning to implement computer science

Time commitment varies by school.

Want to learn more or get involved?

  • Interested in learning more about becoming an Amazon CS Ready School? We’re glad to hear it! CLICK HERE to let us know how and where to contact you. Someone from our CS Ready Team will be in touch.
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Read more about how Amazon Future Engineer partners with and supports CodeVA by checking the PR release about our partnership in our past blog post.