Updated CodeVA COVID- 19 Response and Return to Office Guidelines for Employees

18 August, 2021

The health and well-being of our employees is the highest priority for CodeVA. We have a social and ethical responsibility to minimize the likelihood of transmission of the COVID-19 virus to protect you and protect the communities we all serve. We encourage all employees to work from home when they can but recognize that being in the office is sometimes necessary and even preferable for some employees. Therefore, we have established this policy to help ensure a safe office environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. CodeVA will do its part. and we expect all employees to hold themselves accountable for following these guidelines.
These guidelines will be updated as circumstances and knowledge surrounding the pandemic continues to evolve and as new guidance becomes available from the federal government, CDC or state.

Status of Office Opening

As of the date of this policy, the CodeVA office continues to operate remotely. However, any vaccinated employees who wish to work in the office may do so at any time and without the permission of a supervisor.

Recent Updates from the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”)

According to the most recent guidance from the CDC, to maximize protection from the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus and to prevent possibly spreading it to others, it is recommended to wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission.

Most counties in Virginia are currently in the high transmission risk category, therefore, we are requiring that masks be worn while on CodeVA premises (including headquarters or other remote locations) even if you have been vaccinated. Masks will be mandatory in all common spaces in the office, and if you are in private office spaces with any other employee, contractor, partner, vendor, etc.

Unvaccinated staff should remain masked at all times when on CodeVA premises or when meeting in person with other employees, contractors and partners. You should work with your manager to minimize time spent in the office and work remotely.

This policy is meant to be followed at a minimum, meaning that if another location where you perform your CodeVA work (such as a coffee shop, library, partner facility or co-op) has stricter guidelines, you should adhere to them as well.

Download Our Full 2021 Covid19 Guidelines Here