Snail Mail #20

15 March, 2022

Snail Mail #20

Snail Mail from Code VA’s Eureka Workshop is On It’s Way!

      We just dropped this month’s Snail Mail activities in the mailbox, so students signed up will be receiving it soon! We’re excited to be able to provide students with a compiled list of offline resources from Code VA’s Eureka Workshop. Welcome to edition #20 – I mean, edition 00101? Or maybe edition 0001 0100? Counting to large numbers gets confusing when you only have “binary” characters…

    But binary works very well if you’re a computer! Binary, or base-2, is used because computers can read zeros and ones very quickly. As you read through this edition of Snail Mail, remember that “data” starts as tiny bits of electricity traveling through hardware. While humans very rarely interact directly with that electricity (hopefully!), we use things like screens and keyboards to turn binary and other code into languages that our brains understand. Which makes me wonder what came first: zero or one?

    Didn’t sign up this month? Dont worry! You can access all the activities we sent this month digitally and sign up your student to receive snail mail next month. If you have any questions about this month’s Snail Mail activities feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Thanks for being our favorite pen pals!

Download Snail Mail #20 In English And Spanish Here!