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Computer Science is the study of how we use computing devices. Over 70% of jobs in STEM are actually in computing. And the demand is growing. Virginia currently has over 30,000 unified jobs in computer science and this sector is growing at 4 times the national average. Nationally there are more than 500,000 open computing jobs.

In 2016, the Virginia legislature passed a law making Virginia first state in the country to include computer science as a mandatory part of curriculum of all public schools. CodeVA offers free trainings for public school teachers and districts to prepare to implement the new computer science SOLs. CodeVA cannot cover travel costs and all curricular materials are included for free.

We work with local school districts to train public school teachers and facilitate state licensing required to teach computer programming. Anchoring our district partnerships efforts, our own workshop provides an innovative combination of in-school, after-school and summer programs that let kids creatively explore computer science. CodeVA’s workshop also provides a contact point where community members of all ages participate in classes and continuing learning opportunities to retool their own skill sets to meet the needs of the 21st century workplace.

We have workshops for…

Elementary School Teachers
Grades K-5
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Middle School Teachers
Grades 6-8
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High School Teachers
Grades 9-12
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What’s Training Like?

CodeVA believes that teachers supporting teachers is the best way to prepare Virginia’s classrooms to teach computer science. Our trainer faculty members are your peers – current classroom teachers from Virginia school districts. They know that you are excellent at what you do, and respect your practice and professionalism.
Our professional development model fosters teacher communities of practice.

Our training classrooms use a Teach, Learn, Observe model that encourages collaboration and creativity. And our training takes a practicum approach – training begins with a week-long summer institute, but in-person training continues, with teachers participating in nearly two years of professional development. It’s pre-service learning for in-service teachers.

We focus on deep content knowledge and CS teaching strategies rather than on a product or passing fad. Computer science may be new to schools, but it’s an established discipline.

We’re Looking For Apprentice Facilitators!

CodeVA’s Facilitator Apprenticeship is an intensive practicum emphasizing continuous learning, best practices for facilitation, pedagogy, and CS knowledge acquisition in a hands on experience. Apprentices are given the space to empower themselves through the gradual increase of responsibility to become Facilitators of CodeVA’s teacher trainings.

All of our apprentices work closely with current program facilitators in providing training and learning best practices for facilitation using the learn, observe, participate, facilitate framework. Each apprentice is different and brings their own skills and assets to the program the apprenticeship, so time to complete the apprenticeship will vary.

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Eureka Workshop

Eureka Workshop curricula are available for free to teachers and community partners developed in partnerships with educators and funding from Google RISE

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