Eureka Workshop Kid’s Programs and Robotics Coronavirus Updates

19 March, 2020

Hello Eureka Workshop Families!

        As you know, Computer Science Education is our mission, but CodeVA cares most about the health and wellness of our students, parents, grandparents, families, employees, teachers, and the public at large. In the interest of public health, we’re encouraging you to practice social distancing and to work from home if possible.

        As a non-profit, we’re here to first serve the needs of our community and as such we here at CodeVA feel it’s only responsible for us to make the difficult decision to cancel our upcoming roboticcs, spring break, and spring after-school kids programs. Full refunds will be processed for all currently registered parents, and registration for spring programs is closed.

        Just like we’re sure you are, we’re ready for everything to return to normal, for kids to be back in school and everyone to be back at work. Both Eureka Workshop and our Teacher Training department are working on developing more great content to share digitally. In the meantime, check out our Children’s Programming Director’s instagram highlight “Rona Relief” and keep your eyes on our social media for more support and activities!

        We encourage you to refrain from handshakes and keep 6’ of distance from others whenever possible. The vulcan sign, jazz hands, waves, the peace sign, and tiktok choreo are all alternative (and fun!) forms of non-contact greeting. Our Children’s programming director Maggie Smith opts for a mix of jazz hands and potentially a high kick, if you are outside.

        If ever there was a test of how many things CodeVA can juggle at once, this is it. We want to see kids this summer for camps and teachers at professional developments. We’re continuing to make plans to see you in person this summer while our leadership team continues to monitor local, state, and national updates. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with any changes and we thank you for your flexibility and patience as we navigate this unique challenge together. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact [email protected].