Educator Spotlight in CS: Meet Tracyee Hogans Foster!

23 August, 2022

Educator Spotlight in CS: Meet Tracyee Hogans Foster!

“Around a decade ago I realized the opportunities for my students were changing and I needed to keep them abreast of technology. Our students need to be computational thinkers, and problem solvers, with data-driven solutions. I knew that I would need to constantly evolve to help my students become aware of the tech opportunities that were achievable as well as be knowledgeable of what has become obsolete. The only way as an instructor to do that is to make sure I place me in the space where research was done to change the world. I made my classroom a tech petri dish. Allowed students to explore hardware, software, and artificial intelligence that they might not have seen without me taking a leap. We use unplugged activities to learn content science as well as tech applications online whether it be disassembling and identifying parts of old computers and rebuilding models of those parts. Understanding applications of tech reach much further than just outer space. These applications can make our world a better place.”

“I made my classroom a tech petri dish.”

Tracyee Hogans Foster Headshot

Tracyee is an active member of her school’s CS Ready Impact Team, starting their second year in the program this fall. She is also a current participant in CodeVA’s Praxis Prep pilot cohort and is actively working to connect educators to their Central Virginia CSTA chapter. We’re excited about all of the ways Tracyee is engaging to bring CS education to her students and fellow colleagues!