Educator Spotlight: Beth Layne

19 July, 2023

Educator Spotlight: Beth Layne
“Watching the excitement light up students’ faces when I introduce them to computer science is my main motivator. Students are often amazed when they realize that they can code to control a robot or design their own game.
The STEM department for my division purchased class sets of Ozobots for each elementary school that had not yet been used. Through my role as an ITRT, I have introduced them to students grades K-5 through various co-taught lessons. I even have a handful of teachers who are comfortable using them with their classes on their own.
One teacher used them to review science content before SOL testing and found that it not only increased student engagement, but supported comprehension of the vocabulary content, as the students used the Ozobots to model the Earth’s revolution and rotation around the sun.
When teachers are unsure or hesitant to use CS with their students, I offer to model or co- teach with them. I work with them in the planning and reflection processes as well, trying to purposeful integrations that support both the course content as well as computer science. I strive to provide opportunities for all students to be both successful in their learning and prepared for their futures both with content and emerging technology.”