Educator Spotlight in CS: Meet Joyce Matthews!

8 April, 2022

Educator Spotlight in CS: Meet Joyce Matthews!

Joyce Matthews, Fairfax County Public Schools
CS Ready Impact Team Lead: Braddock Elementary School

Joyce Matthews is a serious force for good, and the students and educators at Braddock Elementary in Fairfax County surely are the beneficiaries of her passion and vision for a future of CS Ready students. As the Team Lead on their CS Ready School impact team, Joyce shines a light on the amazing things happening in CS at her school, but doesn’t stop there.

Things are going GREAT for Braddock ES when it comes to STEAM and Computer Science. Braddock ES was recognized by the Virginia Children’s Engineering Council for our XSTREAM Program focus on STEAM and Computer Science last week. During the VCEC Virtual Conference, Braddock ES was presented with the Marlen C. Scott Curriculum and Leadership Award as well as $1000.00 from the Virginia Lottery. Our CS Coaches, Technology Specialist and FCPS STEAM Cohorts worked collaboratively to complete the application for consideration.

Braddock ES CS Coaches are very excited to see their YR 2 Implementation plans are “Making A Difference” for our students, staff and community even though they have struggled with COVID / Omicron in our community.

GMU stem showcase

Our Partnership with CASEManagement, A CODING Company supporting U.S. Government CODING contracts has worked collaboratively with the CODE VA Team to submit a National Science Foundation Grant to support KANO Computer Kit and CODING Project for five years that will include students at Braddock ES, Annandale HS, Poe MS, Sleepy Hollow ES and Hollin Meadows ES. All schools are part of a Title 1 Network.

Ada Fruit Micro Chip monitoring the health of plants
Our Partnership with Rosie the Riveters, has provided the Braddock ES GEMS to be the FIRST group in Fairfax County PS to participate in a “Programming for Produce” project. Girls in grades 3 – 8 are learning how to use CODING and Ada Fruit Micro Chip to monitor the health of plants as they grow. Thanks to the CODE VA Euraka Workshop Team for sharing information and resources about the use of Ada Fruit Microbit Chip!