Computer Science In Your Neighborhood Competition!

14 December, 2021

Computer Science In Your Neighborhood Competition!


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What Is The Computer Science In Your Neighborhood Competition?

CodeVA’s state-wide CS In Your Neighborhood competition invites students from Kindergarten through 12th grade to submit creative “Data Selfies” representing their data footprint. Submissions can be individual, small group or by class, and take any form of shareable media including: visual art, music, video, or code/web content. Two winners from each of the eight Virginia Superintendent Regions be part of a total of sixteen winners from across the state!

Submission Prompt:

In a digital world, data is something that we collect and use to understand our lives and experiences. Sharing our data can allow others to learn more about us. This is why it’s important that we understand what data is and how to use it properly.

Create a “data selfie”, a piece of creative work based on data about you. Does your data influence the way that others see you? How does this selfie compare to the other ways you define yourself? Your selfie should explore those questions as well as:

  • Include the kinds of data that you have left behind when using technology.
  • Share a part of yourself that digital data cannot learn about you.
  • Investigate the ways that digital data is collected and used, and how that impacts our daily lives.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Find some data about you.
  2. Be careful about what data you share! Remove private information you don’t want to share with the world
  3. Think of a creative and artistic way to share that data with others
  4. Create your art using whatever materials you like, either with crafts or with a computer