Computer Science In Your Neighborhood Competition 2022

5 December, 2022

Computer Science In Your Neighborhood Competition 2022

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What is the CS in Your Neighborhood Competition?
The VDOE and CodeVA co-host an annual competition for Virginia children celebrating, engaging and earning prizes through participating in the CS in Your Neighborhood Computer Science Competition during CS Education Week and beyond.

What is Computer Science?
Computer Science is using technology to solve problems.

How does computer science connect us?
Computer Science connects together in many ways. Not only does it connect us digitally (phone calls, social media, gaming together) but it can create connections for our IRL (in real life) interactions. Computer Science is integrated in subjects, areas and careers through computational thinking skills, utilizing technology and the needs of the community. We use Computer Science to connect together!

Your challenge is to show how Computer Science connects together

  • Elementary and Middle Schoolers: Think creatively about a product, an app, art, robotics, or anything that connects together or connects us together. The sky is the limit!
  • High Schoolers: Students can explore more than 200 unique cybersecurity challenges as part of CyberStart America which they will solve as a cybersecurity agent investigating criminal gangs. They earn points for every challenge solved and earn digital achievement badges at various point levels. Top-scoring eligible players will be invited to apply for cyber training scholarships worth $3,000 from the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation.

Examples of Submission (but not limited to):

  • Drawing, painting or artwork (submitted in digital format-.jpg or png file) Including the Lottery’s Teacher Appreciation art contest (you may submit for both competitions!) Learn more here
  • Program (using code)
  • Website
  • Animation
  • Writing or poem (PDF)
  • Creations made of LEGOS (submit a picture or video)
  • Video

Who should enter?
Children ages 5-18. May be completed in school, after-school or at home.

Winners will have their choice of a variety of prizes donated by sponsors. A complete list will be provided shortly along with a rubric, outlining specific criteria. A judging committee will use the rubric to score the submissions. There will be one winner per category of grade/age K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

Projects deadline to submit: March 15, 2023

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