CodeVA Launches Eureka Programs in Conjunction with Governor Youngkin’s Proclamation of Computer Science Education Week

4 December, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Eureka Programs in the upcoming year. This initiative comes in sync with Governor Glenn Youngkin’s official proclamation designating December 4-10, 2023, as COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION WEEK in the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA.

Governor Youngkin’s proclamation recognizes the vital role computer science plays in contributing to Virginia’s robust economy. The document emphasizes the need to prepare citizens for the demands of a diverse business climate by imparting essential skills and credentials required in the high-demand technology sector. Additionally, it acknowledges Virginia’s proud legacy as the first state in the nation to adopt computer science as an essential literacy.

National Computer Science Education Week, initiated in 2009, serves as an annual call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, promote computer science education, and celebrate their contributions to the field. In line with this, the Virginia Department of Education and CodeVA will launch the “CyberStart America” challenge during Computer Science Education Week for high school students. This challenge aims to showcase students’ skills, knowledge, and interest in computer science and cybersecurity.

“We are excited to launch our Eureka Programs at a time when the Commonwealth of Virginia is actively promoting and recognizing the significance of computer science education,” said Chris Dovi, Executive Director at CodeVA. “Our programs are designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed for the evolving technology landscape.”

CodeVA’s Eureka Workshop Programs are pivotal in advancing computer science education by providing students with meaningful access to new, emerging technology. The organization encourages students, classrooms, and schools across Virginia to celebrate Computer Science Education Week by exploring career pathways in computer science-related fields. You can register your elementary- and middle-school-aged children for Eureka Programs on CodeVA’s website.

In light of Governor Glenn Youngkin’s proclamation, CodeVA is dedicated to contributing to the observance of COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION WEEK and furthering the commitment to excellence in computer science education.

As we approach the end of the year, we invite you to join us in spreading the joy of learning and innovation by participating in our upcoming event, “Family Code Adventure,” taking place on December 9th, 2023 at the Oak Avenue Complex. This unique event is an exciting opportunity for kids to explore the world of coding and technology. We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, which is why we are delighted to announce that “Family Code Adventure” is free of charge. Children will be able to engage in STEM activities such as making Grinch Mix, playing a winter coding adventure game, engaging in a cup stacking challenge, making pixel art and using Legos. Learn more at

Your end-of-year giving can make a significant impact, enabling us to continue organizing events like these and fostering a love for coding within our community. Join us on December 9th, 2023 for a day filled with creativity, exploration, and the joy of learning. Together, let’s make a positive difference in the lives of families through the power of code! Donate at


Click Here to see Gov. Youngkin’s Proclamation