Public Hearings on the Proposed Computer Science SOL

1 September, 2017

An important part of the Computer Science Standards of Learning review and development is the solicitation of comments from teachers of Computer Science and other Computer Science educators, curriculum supervisors, school administrators, education organizations, scientists, workforce representatives, parents, and other members of the public. The Virginia Board of Education will hold two public hearings on the proposed Computer Science Standards of Learning. We hope you can join us.

Wednesday, September 6th at 6:30PM in Roanoke at William Fleming High School at 3601 Ferncliff Ave NW and Wednesday, September 20th at 6:30PM in Richmond at the Science Museum of Virginia at 2500 West Broad Street.


Board of Education Guidelines for Public Comment

  1. Persons who wish to speak are asked to register on the sign-up sheet at the door.
  2. Speakers will be recognized in the order in which they registered.
  3. Speakers must limit their remarks to a maximum of three (3) minutes each.
  4. A signal (audible and visual, as appropriate) will be given when a speaker’s time limit has expired.
  5. When your time is up, please close your remarks promptly.
  6. In the event that more persons sign up than the total time period allows, the Board of Education reserves the right to ask all speakers to limit their remarks to two minutes, or less, each.
  7. Please provide your name and affiliation at the beginning of your remarks.
  8. Speakers should provide at least one written copy of their comments. Please give a copy to the staff member at the registration table as you register.
  9. Persons (whether or not they speak at the public hearings) may submit additional comments by email to the following address, If you wish to comment via mail, please use the address Department of Education, P.O. Box 2120, Richmond, VA 23218-2120.

For additional information about the proposed Computer Science Standards of Learning, please contact Timothy Ellis by email at, or by telephone at (804) 225-3489.