Research Announcement: Theresa Goltermann!

8 March, 2024

We are so excited to share out about Theresa Goltermann’s dissertation!

Dr. Goltermann has been involved with CodeVA for a number of years now, and currently is a faculty member for our Educator Programs division. She teaches Launching CS, CS Integration, CSD and Coaching CS, and in general is an AMAZING person and researcher!

Here is an excerpt from her dissertation abstract:

This study explored correlations between Virginia K-8 teachers’ confidence in computer science (CS) teaching and their confidence in technology. Analysis of data revealed that participating Virginia K-8 educators’ self-efficacy to teach CS correlated with their self-efficacy for technology teaching. Overall self-efficacy scores were slightly higher for technology teaching than for CS, reflecting Virginia’s established technology integration initiatives. Results indicated that teachers driven by necessity can confidently integrate CS concepts even if they are not highly confident in technology teaching. K-8 non-STEM teachers reported the lowest confidence for CS teaching. Further, results showed that technology professional development, CS integration practices, and background knowledge were mediating positive influences on self-efficacy.

Her dissertation was published November 27, 2023.

Read this lovely letter she sent us!



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