3D Printing Symposium

26 July, 2017

Join CodeVA for our 3D Printing Symposium! We’ll be featuring different companies, organizations, and artists showcasing how they use 3D printing in their work environment.  The event starts at 11:00am with a panel discussion featuring people such as artist Emily Cobb, who uses 3D printing to create fascinating pieces of jewelry and artwork, to 3D Central, who operates as a full 3D printing service right here in Richmond, VA. After the panel discussion, we’ll jump right into the showcasing portion where our participates will display their different 3D printed objects and answer any questions you have about the future of this technology.

The event will take place on March 18, 2017, starting at 11:00am and ending at 3:00pm. It will be held at Libbie Mill Library, in Henrico, VA.

Come out and learn about the future of printing technology!