RPS + CodeVA + MIT = Project GUTS

1 November, 2018

A Partnership Meant to Happen: 
This past Summer a cohort of twelve Science teachers from 6 RPS Middle Schools embarked on a journey to Integrate CS into the Science Classroom. This journey is made possible through a collaboration between the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program, CodeVA and Richmond Public Schools. RPS was selected as the second location of focus in the roll-out of the GUTS curriculum. CodeVA is excited to help bring this curriculum to Richmond Students along with MIT and RPS.

Project GUTS — Growing Up Thinking Scientifically — is an integrated science and computer science program for middle school students serving schools and districts internationally. Growing up thinking scientifically means learning to look at the world and to ask questions, developing and using computer models that help answer questions through scientific inquiry, and using critical thinking to assess which ideas are reasonable and which are not.  To grow up thinking scientifically means knowing science to be a computing-rich, dynamic, creative endeavor, a way of thinking, rather than a body of facts.

Project GUTS’ mission is to prepare students for future endeavors in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Computing by providing them with opportunities to build scientific inquiry skills and use technology to explore real-world problems. Project GUTS was designed for students from all different backgrounds to engage in scientific inquiry by investigating topics of interest to their local communities and sharing their experiments and findings in order to inform fellow students and community members.