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CS Education Week Launch

CS Education Week: Launch!

CodeVA’s Annual CS Education Week: Launch! is hosted by CodeVA in Richmond, VA at the beginning of December. CS ED Week Launch is designed to promote computer science education in VA and in schools across the state. Adhering to a yearly theme, we invite guest speakers, and workshop leaders to provide Richmond City Students with activities and workshops that reflect that theme. Students are encouraged to learn and be inspired by the wonders of computer science! Volunteers receive a pre-event orientation to go over our Volunteer Handbook guidelines and policies.

I want to volunteer!

Volunteers for CS Education Week: Launch! offer support in 4 different roles:

  • Student Shadowing: Volunteers will be assigned to a group of students for the day of the event, and guided them from workshop to workshop, helping students with questions, supervising bathroom breaks, lunch break and providing a leadership role for girls throughout the day.
  • Hospitality: Volunteers will be assigned to organizing, setting up and distributing Volunteer breakrooms, and lunch stations for girls attending the event. Volunteers will provide a hosting role for volunteers who arrive, and may need a coffee and bagel before the event or need to set belongings in break rooms, as well as students for Lunch break. Volunteers will break down stations at the end of event
  • Guest Speaker Guide: Volunteers will be assigned to assisting Workshop leaders, and Guest speakers as they arrive. Volunteers will help workshop hosts set up their workshop for the event. They will also assist Guest Speakers for the event with whatever assistance needed. Volunteers will act as a liaison for Workshop leaders, and guest speakers for the day.
  • IT Technician: Volunteers will be assigned to assisting Speakers, and Workshop leaders and any CodeVA Staff with any technical issues, and infrastructure set up to provide internet connections, wireless connectivity, or any other technical inquiries that may arise during the event.