CodeVA made great strides in 2017 toward Computer Science for All Virginia Children – and we once again set the standard for the rest of the nation. CS unlocks for our kids the power of their own creativity. Providing CS literacy to all children creates opportunity and removes the barriers that have traditionally prevented girls and minorities from pursuing STEM and  computing jobs. It crushes stereotypes and builds a brighter future.

Your 100% Tax Deductible Donation Brings Computer Science Education to all Virginia kids.

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Student Programs

CodeVA’s student programs engage kids and parents in CS, while also providing a lab for teachers to test new lessons. All of our courses are arts integrated, which breaks down preconceptions about computer science and coding while fostering creative thinking.

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Teacher Training

CodeVA offers free professional development training to help prepare teachers and school districts for the new CS SOLs. Our trainers are all current classroom teachers and use a Teach, Learn, Observe model that encourages collaboration and creativity.

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CodeVA works with legislators to make Computer Science Education a priority in Virginia, crafting and advocating for policies that implement meaningful CS education standards and ensure that Virginia’s workforce remains competitive!

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Computer Science Education Week Launch is attended by more than 200 students each year, and a live stream is available for classrooms statewide.

Full STEAM Ahead is CodeVA’s summer spotlight student outreach seminar. The event is focused on engaging and retaining middle school girls interested in STEM and CS felds by exploring how these fields integrate with the arts.

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