Early Elementary

Pom Pom Games

Cost: $180.00

You can make a bazillion fun things out of yarn, including video games and pompoms! Young students will make physical creatures, objects, and games out of pompoms. Once their imagination is running wild with fun and fluff, they will create mini-games and animations on screen inspired by their physical creations. Both on and offscreen kiddos will take ownership in creating their very own works of art.

Dates & Times:

Jun 18 – Jun 22 (Girls Week), 9:00 AM – Noon

Paper Animation

Cost: $150.00

When we think of computers and animation a lot of times, we jump to CGI and high dollar Hollywood special effects. In Paper Animation, students will experiment with collage and shadow techniques to create beautiful scenes they will then animate through computer programming. Paper, light, and code will be the materials used to build stunning visual effects.

Dates & Times:

Jul 16 – Jul 20, 9:00 AM – Noon