Eureka Workshop Classes

Where kids play to code

Through experimentation and supported trial and error, students learn and grow. Introducing children to concepts allows them to create a physical artifact that will reinforce the new information. Our curriculum is designed to teach children computer science concepts that apply to all programming languages. Learn and play with us!


Our kids’ programs are located at CodeVA’s Eureka Workshop 300 E Broad St in downtown Richmond. Directions and camp policies are found under our FAQ.


Eureka Workshop offers computer science experiences that combine the problem-solving skills of the visual arts and coding. We introduce your child to the world of computational thinking through play. The student’s rising grade level is how we categorize our classes. 

  • Early Elementary is for rising 1st to 2nd graders
  • Upper Elementary is for rising 3rd to 5th graders 
  • Middle School is for rising 6th to 8th graders 

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