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Food Science Bloggers

October 2 - October 30

Food Science Bloggers


Computer science is more than fun, it’s essential. The ways that we navigate, find information, and share are affected by the technology around us. Create a digital brand or personality by starting an explorative food blog. We’ll learn how to take care of a live sourdough starter and make tasty snacks, then turn the results into blog entries. Making smart choices online is common sense, and this camp will give students the (tasty) tools to participate in a digital future.


This workshop will cover:

  • This class will supply basic physical ingredients, and students will need access to a kitchen.
  • The optional supplies add-on will cover the rest of the ingredients used, or families can supply their own ingredients to match their dietary needs.
  • Please note that adult supervision is required for cooking. Students under 13 will need an adult to set up and monitor their blog account.
  • Accessibility: Classes will be shared in pre-recorded video, audio, and a written format. Our blog host has theme options for screen readers. We will have weekly open office hours for questions and troubleshooting. Recipes will contain gluten, but most other dietary restrictions can be covered. Please reach out directly for concerns.

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