Educator Spotlight: Georgette Willis

28 March, 2023

“I have found a new love interest in working with others, creating, and students on bringing computer science “to life”. My students really love learning about computer science concepts! One of my goals is to create a CS “Make and Take”, a hands-on approach to showing educators how to integrate computer science into their classrooms so it doesn’t seem “so hard” or “one more thing”.

A headshot of Georgette Willis

Georgette is a 5th Grade teacher at Park Ridge Elementary School in Stafford, participating as an Impact Team member in their first year of CodeVA’s CS Ready Schools program and presented at VAST PDI 2022, showing educators how to use flowcharts within content material. She has worked with the division’s Advancing Computer Science Education (ACSE) grant for the past three years. Access their Input/Output Resource GoOpenVA ACSE lesson plan here!