CodeVA Nominated for the 2021 Mary Peake Award!

14 July, 2021

CodeVA Nominated for the 2021 Mary Peake Award!CodeVA has been nominated for the 2021 Mary Peake Award presented by the VDOE! The Mary Peake Award for Excellence in Education Equity highlights individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the advancement of equity in education for students in Virginia. The award offers the Commonwealth an opportunity to recognize educators, policy makers, education advocacy groups, and stakeholder organizations whose service and leadership is impacting equity outcomes for Virginia students.

Education equity in Virginia is largely indebted to a brave humanitarian, Mary Peake. Peake is known for educating both enslaved and free Black people during a time when such an act was illegal. Her classroom was the foot of a grand tree known as Emancipation Oak, located on the grounds of what would later become Hampton University. Her fortitude to educate her people, particularly during a time when it was forbidden, demonstrates an understanding of the value of education and a commitment to serving those intentionally marginalized. Mary Peake is one of Virginia’s first education equity pioneers and her contribution to education in the Commonwealth is a true testament to the ongoing journey towards education equity. Her example has been emulated time and time again. This award recognizes her contribution and continued inspiration.

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