Project Snail Mail

17 November, 2020

Project Snail Mail

      We are all interacting digitally more than ever before. Code VA loves working online, but in a time where screen overload is a regular concern we think it’s time to take a different approach. We’re excited to let you know that Eureka Workshop is sending out a free subscription to fun and educational activities for your child or family to receive in the mail with Project Snail Mail!

      All of the resources you and your student(s) will receive will be as accessible as possible and will include instructions for games you can play at home, a craft or STEAM activity, a coloring page and additional STEAM resources for parents and students. We will be issuing these resources on a regular basis and cover a range of STEAM projects!

      Be sure to show us what you make by using #ProjectSnailMail or submitting here and don’t forget to also check out the Compiling CS activities and professional development for teachers we have available.

Click below to sign up today to become Eureka Workshop’s newest pen pal! We’ll be writing you soon!

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