We’re Going Live: What is a Voxel?

6 August, 2020

We’re Going Live: What is a Voxel?

Voxels are digital building blocks, much like Legos, and can be seen in many popular games like Minecraft and Crossy Road. Our livestream will provide basic instruction on using 3D Voxel sculpting tools of various skill levels to help you get started working on your next big project! You can catch us on our Twitch or Youtube from 1:00-02:30 pm on Friday August 7th to learn more and work alongside us!

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Used Programs:


  • Usecubes and 3D Slash can be used on any device, including iPads.
  • MagicaVoxel is a more involved, semi-professional voxel tool that will only run on windows, mac, or linux operating systems.