Peabody Academic Learning & Development Center’s Community, Parents, & Students Engagement Day

26 August, 2017

On Wednesday, August 30th from 5-7PM the Peabody Academic Learning and Development Center (formerly Peabody Middle  will host its Community, Parents, & Students Engagement Day. The event will feature:

*Special Performance by The Award Winning Petersburg Flagway Teams

*Refreshments & Entertainment Provided

*Special Gifts for the First 100 Students

*Prizes presented to the Schools with the most parents attending

Grand prize presented to the School with the Highest Parental Attendance

This inaugural Engagement Day program, initiates the Community – Parents – Students
engagement in every aspect of a child’s life, from providing a roof over his or her head
and food on the table to having open communication and showing affection. A child has
four basic needs for success in school and in life: physical health, social well-being,
emotional well-being and academic achievement. To oversimplify, they must be healthy;
know how to get along with others; know how to deal with situations; and continually make
progress in their education. When parents are engaged, they address all of these needs
simultaneously in order to raise a balanced and healthy child who can grow up to be a
productive member of society.

To this end; the entire community is invited to the Engagement Day, come witness the
transformation you have asked for!  “It’s In Our Hands!”

The Peabody Academic Learning and Development Center is located at 725 Wesley Street, Petersburg, VA.